Souled Out

1995 - 12 Songs

1. Souled Out
2. Taxed To The Max
3. Keep Comin' Back
4. Soothe You
5. Do You Wanna (Make Love To Me)
6. Lovin' You Forever
7. Gotta Make A Change
8. Diggin' On James Brown
9. Sexy Soul
10. Just Like You
11. Once You Get A Taste
12. Undercurrent


Brent Carter - Lead And Background Vocals
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Sax, Vocals
Bill Churchville - Trumpet (Solo On "Gotta Make A Change"), Flugelhorn, Trombone
Barry Danielian - Trumpet (Solo On "Undercurrent"), Flugelhorn (Solo On "Lovin' You Forever")
Carmen Grillo - Guitar, Vocals
Stephen "Doc" Kupka - Bari Sax
David Mann - Tenor Sax (Solo On "Do You Wanna", "Diggin' On James Brown", "Sexy Soul", "Undercurrent"), Alto Sax
Herman Matthews - Drums, Percussion
Nick Milo - Keyboards
Francis Rocco Prestia - Bass
Brandon Fields - Tenor Sax On "Keep Comin' Back"
Jeff Lorber- Clavinet On "Taxed To The Max", "Do You Wanna"
Lenny Castro- Percussion- Percussion On "Keep Comin' Back", "Soothe You"