This extensive listing was created by Jack Silva, a longtime fan and friend of Tower of Power from the Boston area. Compiled over many years, his listing includes all solo recordings of Emilio "Mimi" Castillo and Stephen "Doc" Kupka, and recordings for other artists including Adolfo Acosta, Mike Bogart, and Tom Politzer. Also included are solo recordings of Greg Adams, Mic Gillette & Lenny Pickett while with TOP, as well as approximately two dozen other fine musicians that have played with Tower of Power over the past 40 years. Scroll down to the bottom to see an index of abbreviations for the musicians on each recording.

1966 Gotham City Crimefighters Who Stole The Batmobile / That's Life (45 RPM) Who Stole The Batmobile / That's Life (45 RPM) EC
1968 Fire Soul On Ice / Flight To Cuba (45 RPM) Soul On Ice / Flight To Cuba EC/Doc/MG/SM (The Motowns Horn Section)
1970 Big Brother & The Holding Company Be A Brother Funkie Jim EC/Doc/MG/KB/SM
1971 Paul Kanter & Grace Slick Sunfighter Sunfighter, China EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1971 Danny Cox Danny Cox Train Song, Question Of Balance, Poland Day EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1971 Papa John Creach Papa John Creach & Friends The Janitor Drives A Cadillac EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1971 Santana Santana Everybody's Everything EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1971 Merl Saunders Heavy Turbulence Welcome To The Basement, Man-Child MG/SM
1972 Hoodoo Rhythm Devils The Barbeque of Deville Sign Your Life Away, Suite 16 EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1972 Mickey Hart Rolling Thunder The Main Ten (Playing In The Band), Fletcher Carnaby, Blind John, Deep Wide & Frequent, Pump Song, Hangin' On EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1972 Voco Presents The Soul of The Bay Area Lights Out - San Francisco Cleo's Back, Loves To Do It, Dead, Mahdi - (The Expected One) EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1972 Tower Of Power Bill Graham presents In San Francisco: Fillmore - The Last Days (Rec. 7/04/71) Back On The Streets Again EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1972 Alice Stuart & Snake Believing Karma Stands In My Way EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1972 Doug Clifford Cosmo Latin Music, Regret It, I'm A Man, She's About A Mover, Death Machine EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM
1973 Betty Davis Betty Davis Walkin' Up The Road, Ooh Yea EC/DOC/GA/MG/LP/SM
1974 Jose Feliciano And The Feelings Good I've Got To Convince Myself, Stay With Me EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Elton John Caribou The Bitch Is Back, You're So Static, Stinker EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 John Lee Hooker Free Bear And Chicken Make It Funky, Bluebird, (You'll Never Amount To Anything If You Don't Go To) Collage EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Jose Feliciano For My Love … Mother Music Shoo-Fly EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Roy Buchanan In The Beginning Rescue Me, I'm A Ram, CC Ryder, Country Preacher, You're Killing My Love, Wayfairing Pilgrim EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Ron Gardner Ron Gardner - RG Southern Comfort, Dancing EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Link Wray The Link Wray Rumble It Was A Bad Scene, Super 88, Step This Way EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Graham Central Station Release Yourself Release Yourself, Got To Go Through It to Get To It, Hey Mr. Writer, Feel The Need EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Kathi McDonald Insane Asylum (Love Is Like A) Heatwave, If You Need Me EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Hiroshi Kamayatsu Monsieur San Francisco, Have You Ever Smoked The Gauloises? EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Mary McCreary Jezebel Please Don't Go, Brother, Jezebel EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1974 Little Feat Feats Don't Fail Me Now Spanish Moon EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Tales From The Ozone Minnie The Moocher, Paid In Advance, Tina Louise EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Spanky & Our Gang Change San Diego Serenade EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Rufus Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan Have A Good Time, Everybody Has An Aura EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Graham Central Station Ain't No 'Bout-A-Doubt It Your Love, Alright, It Ain't Nothing But a Warner Bros. Party, Easy Rider, Lucky EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen The Boogie Man Boogie EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Lenny Williams Rise Sleeping Beauty Since I Met You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Linda Lewis Not A Little Girl Anymore Love Where Are You Now, I Do My Best To Impress EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1975 Sky King Secret Sauce Why Don't You Take Us EC/Doc/GA/LP & Chris Brubeck
1976 Eiko Shuri Burning My Bridges Behind Me / I'm Not A Little Girl Any More (45 RPM) same EC/Doc/GA/ MG/LP
1976 Rod Stewart A Night On The Town Pretty Flamingo, Big Bayou EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Sammy Hagar Nine On A Ten Scale Keep On Rockin' EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Impact Impact Happy Man, Friends, Give A Broken Heart A Break, Love Attach EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 R. C. Succession Affectionate Present From The Fan, Affectionate, Reason To Be Cool, Slow Ballade EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Ned Doheny Hard Candy If You Should Fall, A Love Of Your Own, On The Swingshift EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Graham Central Station Mirror Entrow, Do Yah, Priscilla EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Elvin Bishop Hometown Boy Makes Good Sugar Dumplin', Keep It Cool, Once In A Lifetime EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Tommy James In Touch Devil Gate Drive EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Keane Brothers, The The Keane Brothers Help! Help!, The Ugly One, Goodbye Summer EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 John Kay & Company The Lost Heritage Tapes - (Rel. 1997) Down In New Orleans, Business Is Business, Live Your Life EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Al Kooper Act Like Nothing's Wrong She Don't Ever Lose Her Groove EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Gavin Christopher Gavin Good Stuff, Mirror-Mirror EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Labelle Chameleon Get You Somebody New EC/Doc/LP & Kurt McGettrick
1976 David LaFlamme White Bird Easy Woman, This Man, Baby Be Wise EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Jaye P. Morgan Jaye P. Morgan Here Is Where Your Love Belongs, Can't Hide Love, You're All I Need To Get By, It All Goes Around EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1976 Billy Preston Billy Preston I've Got The Spirit, Bad Case Of Ego, Simplify Your Life, Ecstasy EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Brian & Brenda Russell Supersonic Lover Life Could Be So Grand, Supersonic Lover EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 New Riders Of The Purple Sage Marin County Line Take A Red EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Little Feat Time Loves A Hero Hi Roller, Keepin' Up With The Joneses EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Sammy Hagar Red The Pits EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Lenny Williams Choosing You Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh, Look Up With Your Mind, Choosing You, Riding The High Wire, Please Don't Tempt Me, Problem Solver EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Christopher Morris Band Christopher Morris Band Nobody's Fault But Mine, Train In My Heart, Down This Road Forever, What Kinda Song EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Masayoshi Takanaka An Insatiable High Sexy Dance, E.S.P., M-5 EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Attitudes Good News Being Here With You, Let's Talk Turkey, Good News EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Thomas "Coke" Escovedo Disco Fantasy Doesn't Anybody Want To Hear A Love Song, Disco Fantasy, Who Do You Want To Love, Won't You Gimme The Funk, Soul Support EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Jermaine Jackson Feel The Fire Feel The Fire, You Need To Be Loved, Git Up And Dance, Take Time EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Elvin Bishop Live! Raisin' Hell Calling All Cows Doc/GA/MG & the Elvin Bishop Horns
1977 Marilyn Scott God Only Knows - (45 RPM) God Only Knows EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Harvey Mason Funk In A Mason Jar Till You Take My Love EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Brothers Johnson, The Right On Time Runnin' For Your Lovin', Free Yourself / Be Yourself, Right On Time EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Meters, The New Directions No More Okey Doke, I'm Gone, Be My Lady, My Name Up In Lights, Give It What You Can EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Tim Weisberg Band, The The Tim Weisberg Band Lord Vanity, Mercy-Mercy-Mercy, Gene-Jean, Southern Lights EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Lenny White Big City Big City EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1977 Sierra Sierra Gina, Honey Dew, I'd Rather Be With You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Little Feat Waiting For Columbus Old Folk's Boogie, Mercenary Territory, Dixie Chicken, Spanish Moon, Rocket In My Pocket EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Journey & Friends In Tails - King Biscuit Florwer Hour (Rel.1998) Road Runner, Hold On-I'm Coming, Show Me, Born Under A Bad Sign, Good Times EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Lee Oskar Before The Rain Feelin' Happy, More Than Words Can Say, Steppin' EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP & Willie Lamb
1978 Norton Buffalo Desert Horizon Age Old Puppet EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Jermaine Jackson Frontiers Let It Ride, The Force, Castles Of Sand EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Peter Frampton Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - M/P Soundtrack - Video - (DVD) & Audio - (CD) Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Good Morning - Good Morning, You Never Give Me Your Money, Oh! Darling, Polythene Pam, Got To Get You Into My Life, Golden Slumbers, Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kite, The Long & Winding Road, A Day In The Life EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Nick Chavin Jet Lag Hard Love, Jailbait EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Jesse Barish Jesse Barish Feeling For A Song, You, A Kiss Made The World Begin, Winds Away EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Crimson Tide Crimson Tide Funky Side Of Town, Music, Burned And Branded, Southern Boogie, Turning Back EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP & Matthew Kelly
1978 Denise McCann Taattoo Man Angel Face EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Bliss Band Dinner With Raoul Right Place - Right Time EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Colin Blunstone Never Even Thought I'll Never Forget You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1978 Hodges Smith & James What Have You Done For Love Hide-a-Way LP
1978 Renee Geyer Winner The Magic Is Still There, Baby Be Mine, Save Me EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Helen Reddy Reddy You're So Good EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 James Walsh Gypsy Band, The Muscle Shoals '79 (Rel. 2008) Looks Like You Got Down In Love, Lie to Me, Caves Of Altimira, Where Do You Get Off, Lovin' You EC/Doc/GA/LP
1979 Sergio Mendes Magic Lady I'll Tell You, Lonely Woman, Yes I Love You, A Dream Come True EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Charles Jackson Gonna Getcha' Love I'm Gonna Get Your Love, At The Party, Superstar, I Finally Found My Love, I Love You Only, For The Sake OF The Memory, I'm Through With You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Melissa Manchester Melissa Manchester Pretty Girls, Fire In The Morning, Lights Of Dawn, It's All In The Sky Above EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Tom Johnston Everything You've Heard Is True I Can Count On You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Webster Lewis 8 For The 80's You Deserve To Dance, I Want to Blow (My Horn), Fire, Go For It EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP & Bennie Maupin
1979 Jefferson Starship Freedom At Point Zero Jane EC/Doc
1979 Richard Evans Richard Evans Educated Funk EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Gavin Christopher Gavin Christopher Takin' Your Love Away, Dancin' Up A Storm EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Alica Bridges Play It As It Lays Learned To Dance Too Soon, So Cozy EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Peter Frampton Where I Should Be Got My Feet Back On The Ground, Where I Should Be, Everything I Need, May I Baby EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Paulette McWilliams Never Been Here Before I'll Never Make You Cry, Chump Change, Give It Time, Feel Good All Over EC/Doc/MG/Bill Lamb & Don Markese
1979 America Silent Letter Only Game In Town, High In The City, No Fortune EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Marilyn Scott Dreams Of Tomorrow Dreams Of Tomorrow, Highways Of My Life, Why-Oh-You, Let's Not Talk About Love, You Made Me Believe EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Elkie Brooks Live And Learn Viva La Money, On The Horizon, He Could Have Been An Army, The Rising Cost Of Love, Dreamdealer, Who's Making Love, If You Can Beat Me Rockin', Not Enough Lovin' Left EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1979 Elton John Victim Of Love Johnny Be Good LP
1980 Walter Hawkins The Hawkins Family (Live) Goin' To A Place, Love Is A God, What Is This, I'm A Pilgrim, He'll Be There, Keep On Fighting, Try Christ Ec/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1980 Heart Bebe Le Strange Even It Up EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1980 LaToya Jackson LaToya Jackson Save Your Love, If I Ain't Got It EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1980 Eddie Money Playing For Keeps Nobody Knows EC/Doc
1980 Asleep At The Wheel Framed Midnight In Memphis, Slow Dancing Doc & others
1980 Dionne Warwick No Night So Long It's The Falling In Love, Reaching For The Sky, Somebody's Angel EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1980 Frankie Valli Heaven Above Me Let It Be Whatever It Is, Soul/Heaven Above Me, Eat Your Heart Out EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP & others
1981 Stone City Band The Boys Are Back Tin Soldier LP
1981 Rodney Crowell But What Will The Neighbors Think Blues In The Daytime EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1981 Little Feat Hoy-Hoy (Greatest Hits) Skin It Back EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1981 Angela Bofill Something About You Something About You, Tropical Love, On And On, Stop Look Listen, I Do Love You GA/MG/MR & Wayne Wallace
1981 Brian West Band, The Don't Stop Now I Can 't Live Without Your Love, Love Keeps Changin' My Mind EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1981 Molly Hatchet Take No Prisoners Bloody Reunion, Lady Luck EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1981 Izumi Kobayashi Coconuts High Small Dynamite EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1981 High Inergy High Inergy Goin' Thru The Motions, All Of You EC/Doc/GA/MG/RW
1982 Huey Lewis And The News Picture This Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do, EC/GA/MG/LP & Johnny Colla
1982 Molly Hatchet Greatest Hits Live featuring the TOP Horns King Buscuit Flower Hour - (Rec. 1982) Lady Luck EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1982 Bobby Caldwell Carry On Words, Carry On EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1982 Randy Meisner Randy Meisner Jealousy, Playin' In The Deep End, Doin' It For Delilah EC/Doc/GA/MG/RW
1982 Peter Noone One Of The Glory Boys Give Me Just A Little More Time, If You Gotta Make A Fool Of Somebody EC/Doc/MG/RW
1982 Al Kooper Championship Wrestling I Wish You Would, Two Sides, Wrestle With This, I'd Rather Be An Old Man's Sweetheart, Finders Keepers, Snowblind EC/GA/MG/MR & Jimmy Jumoville
1983 Carlos Santana Havana Moon Watch your Step, They All Went To Mexico EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1983 Patrick Simmons Arcade Don't Make Me Do It, If You Want A Little Love, Have You Seen Her, Sue Said EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1983 Pablo Cruise Out Of Our Hands Talk To Me Right EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR & Johnny Colla
1983 Marilyn Scott Without Warning Only You, Hold On EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1983 Bill Wray Sieze The Moment Goin' Down, Somethin' I've Gotta Do EC/Doc/GA/MR & Bill Lamb
1983 Willie Dee Abrupt Edge Call Me Next Week, Neptune's Little Sister, 88 Degrees, Julie, Abrupt Edge Theme, Hold Out, All You've Got To Give, Love Yourself EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1983 Stephen Bishop Fear Of Massage - Demo 3 (Rel. 2008) Pink Shoe Laces EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
1983 Rod Stewart Body Wishes Move me, Ghetto Blaster EC/Doc/GA/MR/MC
1985 Huey Lewis And The News We Are The World - USA For Africa Trouble In Paradise EC/Doc/GA/MR/MC & Johnny Colla
1985 Huey Lewis And The News The Heart Of Rock'N'Roll - Live - VHS Heart of Rock'N'Roll, Trouble In Paradise, Heart And Soul, If This Is It, Workin' For A Livin', Buzz Buzz Buzz, Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do, I Want A New Drug EC/Doc/GA/MR/MC & Johnny Colla
1985 John Sebastian The Care Bears Movie - Introducing The Care Bears Cousins - M/P Soundtrack - Video (VHS) & Audio (LP) Nobody Cares Like A Bear, When You Care You're Not Afraid To Try, In A Care Bear Family EC/Doc/GA/MR/MC
1985 Bryan Duncan Have Yourself Committed Have Yourself Committed, Darkness Is Falling, Come To Find Out, Livin' On The Bright Side EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1985 Smokey Robinson Smoke Signals Some People, Sleepless Nights, Because Of You, No Time To Stop Believing, Wishful Thinking EC/Doc/GA/RE/MC
1986 Doug Bennett Animato It's Got To Be Monday, One-Two-Three EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1986 Michael DesBarres Somebody Up There Likes Me Money Don't Come Easy, Do You Belong, Is There Someone Else, I Can See Clearly Now, Somebody Up There Likes Me, Locked In The Cage Of Love, Camera Eyes, Thinking With Your Body EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1986 Huey Lewis And The News Fore! Doing It All For My Baby, Hip To Be Square, Simple As That EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE & Johnny Colla
1986 Heart Greatest Hits Even It Up, *Tell It Like It Is (*Live-Rec. 1980) EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1986 Bonnie Raitt Nine Lives Runnin' Back To Me, Who But A Fool (Thief Into Paradise) EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1986 Dennis "Daddy-O" McMurrin Dennis McMurrin All Right, L.A., Keep Knockin' EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1986 Richard Elliot Trolltown Until You Come Back To Me EC/GA/LT/RE & Dana Robbins
1986 Bryan Duncan Holy Rollin' Only Wanna Do What's Right, Holy Rollin' Lead Me to The Water, Your Everlasting Love, Givin' Up Givin' Up EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1987 Teena Marie& Miami Sound Mach. Top Gun Soundtrack Hot Summer Nights (Miami Sound Machine), Lead Me On (Teena Maria). Doc/GA/LT/Dave Woodford & Alan Kaplan
1987 Neil Larsen Through Any Window Last Call, Hip Hug Her Doc/BF
1987 Rick James Cold Blooded U Bring The Freak Out, 1-2-3 (You, Her & Me) P.I.M.P. The S.I.M.P EC/GA & Others
1987 Dan Fogelberg Exiles What You're Doing EC/Doc/GA/LT
1987 Brothers Johnson, The Classics - Vol. 11 (Greatest Hits) Runnin' For Your Lovin' EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1987 New Monkees New Monkees Turn It Up EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1987 Terry Wollman Bimini If You Say So, Lucky Louie, Walk The Line, Bimini, We're Almost Home EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE/BF
1988 Doug Legacy & The Legends Of The West Hey You Yardwork EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1988 Tower of Power Arthur 2 - On The Rocks - M/P Soundtrack - Audio (DVD) & Audio (CD) Boys Night Out EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1988 Huey Lewis And The News Small World Small World (Part One), Perfect World, Give Me The Keys, Small World (Part Two), Slammin' EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG & Johnny Colla
1988 Huey Lewis And The News Small World (EP) Small World-Extended & Dance Party Mixes EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG & Johnny Colla
1988 Santana Viva Santana! (Greatest Hits) Everybody's Everything, Just Let The Music Speak EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM/MR
1988 Richard Elliot The Power Of Suggestion Love's Not Here Anymore, Spare Time, Oompong EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE & Nick Lane
1988 Michael Colina Shadow Of Urbano Fast Break EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1989 Robin Goodrow and Michael Goodrow Amazing! Sara Sara, Knock Knock, Why Does It Have To Hurt So Much, Chocolate Pudding Queen, Rainbow Of Colors EC/GA/LT/RE & Dana Robbins
1989 Eurythmics We Too Are One We Too Are One, The King & Queen of America, Revival, You Hurt Me EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1989 Paul Schaffer Coast To Coast What Is Soul EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1989 Minoru Niihara One Dynamite, Fool For You EC/Doc/LT/SG & Nick Lane
1989 Linda Ronstadt Featuring Aaron Neville Cry Line A Rainstorm-Howl Like The Wind When Something Is Wrong With My Baby EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1989 Uncle Festive That We Do Know Incognito, Para Bueno GA/LT/SG & Others
1989 Misato Watanabe Flower Bed News EC/Doc/LT/SG & Nick Lane
1990 Simpsons, The Sing The Blues Born Under A Bad Sign, Moanin' Lisa Blues EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1990 David Baerwald Bedtime Stories Dance EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1990 David Baerwald Dance EP Dance (Remix) EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1990 Heart Brigade Tall-Dark Handsome Stranger EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1990 Riot The Privilege OF Power Killer EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1990 Q. Stone Pink On Blue Shake The Tree, Farewell Berlin, Get Up, Western Paradise EC/Doc/GA/LT/TT
1990 Toto Past To Present 1977 - 1990 (Greatest Hits) Animal EC/Doc/GA/LT/TT
1990 Dave Stewart Dave Stewart & The Spiritual Cowboys Soul Years, This Little town, Party Town, Jack Talking EC/Doc/GA/LT/TT
1990 Dave Stewart PartyTown - (EP) Party On Down ( Party Town Remix) EC/Doc/GA/LT/TT
1990 Limbo Maniacs Shake It - (EP) Shake It (Radio Mix) EC/Doc/GA/LT & Danny Pelfrey
1991 Henry Kapono Same World Insy'a, Stand In The Light, I Like The Way, Papaya Blues EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1991 Paula Abdul Spellbound Alright Tonight Doc/GA/SG
1991 Aaron Neville Warm Your Heart Somewhere-Somebody EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1991 Bonnie Raitt Luck Of The Draw Tangled And Dark EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1991 Junichi Kawauchi Private World Born To Be Happy EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1991 Bobby Caldwell Stuck On You Don't Lead Me On EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1991 John O'Kane Solid Solid Ground, Higher EC/Doc/LT/SG & Rick Braun
1991 John Lee Hooker The Best of John Lee Hooker - 1965 - 1974 Bluebird EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1991 Chicago Twenty 1 Who Do You Love Doc & the Chicago Horn Section
1992 Roy Buchanan Sweet Dreams: The Anthology I'm A Ram EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1992 Larry Graham & Graham Central Station Greatest Hits Feel The Need, Your Love EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1992 Damn Yankees Don't Tread Dirty Dog E/C/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1992 B-52's, The Good Stuff Hot Pants Explosion, Is That You Mo-Dean? Doc/LT & David MacMurray
1992 Bobby Caldwell Greatest Hits - Japanese release Don't Lead Me On EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1992 Wayne Newton Moods & Moments At This Moment Doc/LT & others
1992 Spent Poets, The The Spent Poets Grassheads Doc & others
1992 Michael Bolton Timeless - The Classics Hold On - I'm Coming, Knock On Wood EC/Doc/GA/LT & Gary Herbig
1992 Bonham Mad Hatter Mad Hatter EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1992 Elvin Bishop Sure Feels Good - The Best Of Elvin Bishop Sugar Dumplin' EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1992 Exodus Force Of Habit Bitch EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1992 Elton John Elton John's Greatest Hits - Volume II The Bitch Is Back EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1992 Tower Of Power JVC Jazz Festival - Jazz On A Rainy Day '92 Highlights from the Newport Jazz Festival of of 1992 - PBS TV Broadcast - Video (VHS) Attitude Dance, How Could This Happen To Me, Keep Your Monster On A Leash, What Is Hip EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1992 PIL (Public Image Limited) That What Is Not Covered, Good Things EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1993 B.B. King A Tribute To Curtis Mayfield Woman's Got Soul EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1993 RAD (Rose Ann Dimalanta) Gotta Be Gotta Be, Come My Way, Venus Drops EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1993 Doug & The Slugs Slugcology 101 - A Decade Of The Slugs It's Got To Be Monday EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1993 Zapp Zapp You Better Believe Be A Real Man EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1993 Dave Koz Lucky Man Saxman Doc & Others
1993 Dan Fogelberg River Of Souls Magic Every Moment, Holy Road Doc & Others
1993 Michael Bolton The One Thing Lean On Me EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1993 Poison Native Tongue 7 Days Over You EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1993 Elton John Duets I'm Your Puppet, Love Letters Doc/LT/BC/SG & others
1993 Lenny Williams Ooh Child Ooh Child, Problem Solver, Doing The Loop De Loop, Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh, Choosing You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1993 Khaled N'ssi N'ssi Adieu, Chebba, N'ssi N'ssi Doc/LT
1993 Kal David Double Tuff Thing Called Love, Just Wanna Be With You, Your Good Thing (Is About To End), Blue Nights, Your Precious Love, Double Tuff, That's Not Me EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1993 Terrence Trent D'Arby Terrence Trent D'Arby's Symphony Or Damn Neon Messiah, "T.I.T.S."/"F&J" EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1993 Luis Miguel Aries Que Nivel De Mujer EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1993 Jan Glaesel Whole In One Living Inside Your Love, Meyerheim & Co. EC/GA/LT/BF & Others
1993 Lenny Williams Spark Of Love Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1993 Jorge Gonzalez Jorge Gonzales Esta Es Para Hacerte Feliz, Mama EC/Doc/GA/LT & Gary Herbig
1993 Candy Dufler Sax-A-Go-Go 2 Funky EC/Doc/GA/LT & Gary Herbig
1993 Vocal Crew Crewsing Waiting / Maybe Walking EC/Doc/GA/DM/AC
1993 Spyro Gyra Dreams Beyond Control Walk The Walk, Breakfast At Igor's EC/Doc/GA/DM/AC
1994 RAD (Rose Ann Dimalanta) & Bobby Bird This Is Acid Jazz: Back To Basics Come My Way, Venus Drops, Sunshine EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Booker T & The MG's Little Big League - M/P Soundtrack - Audio (DVD) & Audio (CD) Philly Dog, The Beale Street Shuffle, High Five EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM & others
1994 Denny Brown Still In Trouble Fools Moon, Darlin' You EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Bobby Byrd On The Move (I Can't Get Enough) Sunshine EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Felix Cavaliere Dreams In Motion Me For You Doc/LT & David McMurray
1994 Fukuyama Masaharu On And On Blood, 1985'4 Fallory Street, Gloaming Way Doc/GA/RE/Chuck Findley & Gary Herbig
1994 Joe Louis Walker JLW I Can't Get You Off My Mind, Hold On, Lost The Will To Love Me EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1994 Fishbone The Mask - M/P Soundtrack - Video (DVD) & Audio (CD) Let The Good Times Roll EC/Doc/BD/DM & Chuck Findley
1994 Richard Elliot After Dark The Boys From The Bay EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM/RE
1994 Canned Heat Internal Combustion I Might Be Tempted Doc & others
1994 Myriam Hernandez Myriam Hernandez Inevitable, Lo Mejor Que Me Ha Pasado GA/BF & others
1994 Lyle Lovette I Love Everybody Penguins GA/LT & Nick Lane
1994 Arnold McCuller Exception To The Rule Excecption To The Rule, Somewhere In Chicago GA/DM & Nick Lane
1994 Phish Hoist Julius, Wolfman's Brother EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Luther Vandross Songs Always And Forever, Going In Circles EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM/BF
1994 Luther Vandross Going In Circles - (EP) Going In Circles - Radio Edit and Instrumental EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Victoria Williams Loose You R Loved, Get Away EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1994 Mann Brothers, The (David & Ned Mann) Mann To Mann Use It Or Lose It, Afternoon Delight EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1995 RAD (Rose Ann Dimalanta) Gotta Be (Japanese re-issue w/bonus tracks) Gotta Be, Come My Way, Venus Drops EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1995 RAD (Rose Ann Dimalanta) This Is Acid Jazz: New Voices-Take Two Gotta Be EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1995 Richard Elliot St. Pauli Girl Presents Richard Elliot The Boys From The Bay EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM/RE
1995 Link Wray Guitar Preacher - The Polydor Years It Was A Bad Scene, Super 88 EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1995 Stevie Nicks Boys On The Side - M/P Soundtrack Somebody Stand By Me Doc/LT/BF
1995 Bobby McFerrin Bang! Zoom My Better Half EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
1995 Lenny Williams Cause I Love You (Greatest Hits) Choosing You, Shoo Doo Fu Fu Ooh, Look Up With Your Mind, Problem Solver, Doing The Loop De Loop, Since I Met You EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1995 Tower of Power Ready To Wear -M/P Soundtrack-Audio (DVD) I Like Your Style EC/Doc/GA/LT & Paul Perez
1996 Ned Doheny Best Collection A Love Of Your Own EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1996 Tony Toni Tone' House Of Music Wild Child GA/MG & others
1996 Ray Charles Strong Love Affair The Fever EC/Doc/GA/LT/DM
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1996 Tower Of Power Sinbad's 70's Soul Music Festival II Summer Jam 2 - HBO Soundtrack What Is Hip EC/Doc/BC/BD/JS
1996 Tower Of Power Sinbad's 70's Sould Music Festival II Summer Jam 2 - HBO Broadcast (Rec. 5/96) You're Still A Young Man, What Is Hip EC/Doc/BC/BD/JS
1996 Carmen Grillo Both Sides Of The Coin Dr. In The House, Cookie Doc/BC/BF
1996 Emilio Castillo Merry Christmas Arizona II Emilio Says "Thank You" EC
1997 Melissa Manchester The Essence of Melissa Manchester Fire In The Morning EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1997 Tower Of Power Mark Craney & Friends - Something With A Pulse (Rec. 6/86) What Is Hip (Live) EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1997 Mommyheads, The The Mommyheads You Keep On Looking Back, Wake Up Irene Doc/LT
1997 Andrew Gold Thank You For Being A Friend - The Best Of The Final Frontier (Theme from the NBC TV show "Mad About You") Doc/LT/BF
1997 Michael O'Neill True Love Gotta Get Up EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
1997 Glenn Walters Glenn Walters Stand By Me, Love Man, Lonley Medley, Pain In My Heart, Gimme Some Hinda Sign, Groove Me Doc/MR & others
1997 Tower Of Power The Best of Summer Jam from Sinbad's Soul Music Festivals - HBO Soundtrack What Is Hip EC/Doc/BC/BD/JS
1997 Danseorkestret Kom Tilbage Nu (Rec. 1985) Regndans EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
1997 Sweet 75 Seweet 75 La vida, Ode To Dolly GA/BF & others
1997 Joe Louis Walker Great Guitars First Degree, Cold And Evil Night EC/Doc/BC/BD/JS
1997 Andrew Gold Mad About You - The Final Frontier Music from and inspired by the TV Series The Final Frontier Doc/LT/BF
1998 Huey Lewis & The News Time Flies-The Best of HueyLewis & News Doing It All For My Baby, Trouble In Paradise EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE/MR/MC & J. Colla
1998 Frank Biner Frankie B. Is Back In Town Frankie B. Is Back In Town, It's Nice To See You Again, Barely Hangin' In, I Plead Insanity, Try A Little Tenderness, Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que, I'm Guilty (Of Lovin' You), Little Money, Let's Twist Doc/MG/NS & Others
1998 Bobby Caldwell Timeline - The Anthology Part 1 Loving You, Don't Lead Me On EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR/LT/RE
1998 Looters, The Imago Munoi Titanic, The Proving Ground, Bizness Iz Bizness, Full Moon EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1998 Looters, The Titanic - (EP) Titanic-Radio Edit-The Future Is Clear Sailing, Titanic-Radio Edit 2 - Abbreviated Journey EC/Doc/GA/LT/BF
1998 John Hiatt Little Head My Sweet Girl, Feelin' Again, Sure Pinocchio EC/Doc/BC/BD/JS
1998 Tower Of Power Cleveland Rocks! The Drew Carey TV Show What Is Hip EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1998 Doc Kupka presents Strokeland Superband Kick It Up A Step It May Be Very Good, Work With Me, Let's Do Funk, Close Your Eyes, Kick It Up A Step, We Could Make A Cool Hang, Color Me Gone, Bittersweet With A Ray Of Hope, A * Jump On The Millenium, Funky White Blood, Dump The Chump, Just As Long As We Have Each Other Doc/MG/LP/AA/BC & others *EC
1999 Harvey Mason Sho Nuff Groove - The Best Of Harvey Mason Till You Take My Love EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1999 Sammy Hagar & The Waboritas Red Voodoo Don't Fight It (Feel It) EC/Doc/BC/JM/NS
1999 Eddy Mitchell Les Nouvelles Aventures D' Eddy Mitchell Hip Hug Her, J'ai Des Gouts Simples, Golden Boy, J'aime Pas Les Gens Heureux, Mauvaise Option, Walking In New Orleans, * Les Nuts De Pleine Lune, On Va Dire Que C'est Moi, T'es Qu'un Joueur EC/Doc/BC/JM/NS *GA
1999 Yoichi Murata Hook Up Positive Sign, When You Leave (And I …), Carry On Doc/GA & others
1999 Freebo The End Of The Beginning I'll Never Be Ready (Rock 'n' Roll Shoes) Doc/LT & Others
1999 Tower of Power The Limey - M/P Soundtrack - Video -DVD Squib Cakes EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
1999 Angela Bofill The Best Of Angela Bofill Time To Say Goodbye, Something About You GA/MG/MR & Wayne Wallace
1999 Jaguares Bajo El Azul De Tu Misterio Sangre Doc/LT/BF & Nick Lane
1999 Jesse Camp Jesse & The 8th Street Kidz Grifin, 6000 Miles Away Doc/BF
1999 Lee Oskar The Best Of Lee Oskar Feelin' Happy, More Than Words Can Say EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP & Willie Lamb
1999 Voodoo Roosters Heavy Loaded Who's Blue, Rosie's Window, I Wish, Big Thrill, Rollin' On Doc/MG & others
1999 Tower Of Power Outside Providence - M/P Soundtrack Video (DVD) So Very Hard To Go EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2000 Heart Greatest Hits: 1985 - 1995 Tall Dark Handsome Stranger EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
2000 Tower Of Power Sketches Of James - Selections From The James Taylor Songbook Steamroller EC/Doc/BC/JM/NS
2000 Sam Cardon Digability Give It Up, Mojo, *Last Night Of Summer, Digability EC/Doc/MG/BC/JM/NS *BF
2000 Doc Kupka presents Strokeland Superband Glenn Walters - The King Of Retro Cool I Do My Best Work At Night, Just Like The Movies, Yo' Love Is Far Out, A Woman's Touch, Animal Walk, What's A Man To Do?, Diamond Billy's Uptown Bar-B-Que, After The Fact, Don't You Know?, Monkey Shines, I Don't Believe It Doc/MG/NS/AA/BC & others
2000 Roger Smith Consider This Horn-afication EC/Doc/BC/MB/NS
2000 Dr Ed Montgomery presents ALC I Still Believe I Still Believe EC/Doc/AA/MB & Ralph Moore
2000 Hendrix Cousins Hendrix Cousins Same Old Story EC/Doc/AA/MB/NS
2000 Little Feat Hotcakes & Outtakes Fat Man In The Bathtub, Hi Roller, All That You Dream, Mercenary Territory, Spanish Moon EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2001 Molly Hatchet Greatest Hits Bloody Reunion EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR
2001 Neil Diamond Three Cord Opera A Mission Of Love EC/Doc/AA/MB/NS/GA
2001 Aerosmith Just Push Play Trip Hoppin', Under My Skin EC/Doc/AA/MB/NS & Dan Higgins
2001 Jermaine Jackson Ultimate Collection Castles Of Sand EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2001 Graham Central Station The Jam: The Larry Graham & Grahm Central Station Anthology Release Yourself, Your love, It's Alright, EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2002 Little Feat Waiting For Columbus - Rhino Expanded Edition Old Folks' Boogie, MercenaryTerritory, Dixie Chicken, Spanish Moon, Rocket In My Pocket, *Skin It Back, *Cold Cold, Cold, **Skin It Back. (*Previously unreleased), (**Previously released on "Hoy Hoy") (NOTE: "Skin It Back" is included twice on this expanded edition, and the TOP Horns, same personnel, appear on both cuts.) EC/Doc/GA/LT/LP
2002 Alica Bridges I Love The Nightlife - The Collection Learned To Dance Too Soon, So Cozy EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2002 Spyro Gyra The Very Best of Spyro Gyra Breakfast At Igor's EC/Doc/GA/DM/AC
2002 Tony Adamo Dance Of Love Mystery, Rhythm Of Your Love, No Strings Doc/MG/SM
2002 Smash Mouth Austin Powers - Goldmember-M/P Soundtrack Video (DVD) & Audio (CD) Ain't No Mystery EC/Doc/MG/AA/NS
2002 David Ladd's Downtown Allstars with Michael Renwick - Uptown Take it Uptown, Land Of Make Believe, Alley Oop, Impressions, Oaktown Funk, Uptown Doc/TP/David Ladd & others
2002 Tower Of Power Horns 615 Music – Current Projects – Vol. 8 The Boys Are Back (S.F. Giants / KTVU-TV)(Rec. 1993 w/Tom Bowes on vocals) EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
2003 Tower Of Power Welcome to Audiopharm Page One (Skeewiff Dub Instrumental Version) EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2004 Michelle Shocked Captain Swing - Expanded Edition Barefootin' (Live duet with Tom Bowes & TOP, Rec. 1990 at Newport Folk Festival, Newport, RI) EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG
2004 Tower of Power / Remix-Meat Beat Manifesto What Is Hip? - WB Remix Project - Vol. One What Is Hip EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2005 Mic Gillette Ear Candy *Tell Mama, I Don't Want Nobody To Give Me Nothing (Open UP The Door - I'll Get It Myself) EC/Doc/GA/MG/SM/*MR
2005 Sony Play Station DVD Soundtrack Dragon Ball Z & Z2 - Soundtrack (rec.2003) Got For It!, Expectation EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2005 Sony Play Station - CD Soundtrack Dragon Ball Z & Z2 - Soundtrack (rec. 2003) Go For It!, Expectation, Soul Vaccination, Only So Much Oil In The Ground, Soul With A Capital "S", I'm Gonna Get Over EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2005 Sony Play Station - CD Soundtrack Dragon Ball Z3 - Soundtrack (rec. 2004) The Ultimate Energy, Shuffle Time, 24 -7 Crazy, Great Tactics EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2005 Poncho Sanchez Do It! Squib Cakes, Shotgun Slim EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2005 Linda Lewis Legends (Greatest Hits) Love Where Are You Now, I Do My Best To Impress EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2005 Doc Kupka presents Strokeland Superband The Law According To Fred Ross She's Got Her Own Dance, Higher (part I), When Little Jesse Hit The Set, Genuine Fake, I'm All Alone, It's The Law, Higher (part II), It Was A Natural Disaster, Let It Go At That, Pack My Suitcase (p. m. s.), Lost In A Memory, Higher (part III), (Let Me Repeat - I Say) World Beat, Thank God For You Doc/MG/SM/MB/TP/MR & the Doctorfunk Horns
2005 Elijah The Preamble Rhythm Revolution, Have A Little Faith Doc/TP/MB
2005 Hip Service Uncovered Nuff Said Doc & the Hip Service Horn Section
2006 Funkiphino Rise Above Rise Above, State of Groove, Please Don't Give Up On Me, Juice, End Of The Day Doc & the Funkiphino Horns
2006 P. Ditty (Shaun "Puff Daddy" John) Press Play We Gon' Make It, I Am (Interlude), Everything I love EC/Doc/AA/MB & Dave Woodford
2006 Huey Lewis & The News Greatest Hits & Videos CD: Doing It All For My Baby / Small World /Perfect World / Trouble In Paradise(live) / Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do / Hip To Be Square. DVD: Doing It All For My Baby / *Workin' For A Livin' (*Rec. live - 4/29/82) CD: EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE (1), EC/Doc/GA/LT/SG w/Stan Getz (2), EC/Doc/GA/LT/DG (3), EC/Doc/GA/ MR/MC (4), EC/GA/MG/LP (5), Doc (6). DVD: EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE (1), EC/Doc/GA/MG/MR (2)
2007 Jermaine Jackson Big Brother: The Greatest Hits Collection Git Up And Dance EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2007 Gotham City Crimefighters You Got Yours! East Bay Garage 1965-1967 Who Stole The Batmobile (Rec. 1966) EC
2007 Jerry Stucker It's All In A Groove Up In It, No Strings Doc/MG/SM
2007 Pharoahe Monch Desire Push EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2007 Pharoahe Monch Push - (EP) Push - clean version, Push - dirty version, Push - instrumental EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2007 Tony Adamo Straight Up Deal Up In It, No Strings, Groove Therapy, Mercy- Mercy-Mercy Doc/MG/SM
2007 Mark Dolin Lookin' At Tomorrow The Parkin' Lot Hang, Can't Stop Thinkin' About Ya, Belly Up EC/MB & Mark Dolin
2007 Doc Kupka presents Strokeland Superband Bumped Up To First Class It Is What It Is, I'd Do It All Over Again, Colin Powell, All Of The Above, Plug Into Me, Business Is Business, Must Be Love, Just In Case You Wondered ("Big Dog"), Public Truth and Private Lie, It's A Done Deal, A Soulful Kinda Love, Bumped Up To First Class Doc/LT/MG/LP & others
2008 Stefan Redtenbacher Redtenbacher's Funkestra - HAUSMUSIK Fred's Haus, Music To Swing Your Handbag To, Shindig!, The Chit-Chat, Bow Wow Doc/LT & the Redtenbacher Horn Section featuring Fred Wesley
2008 Roger Smith Sittin' In Fiesta, Music Is Love, Sweet Lady MG/AA/NS
2008 Was (Not Was) Boo! It's A Miracle, Forget Everything, Crazy Water, Mr. Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore Doc/LT
2008 Doc Kupka presents Strokeland Superband featuring John Lee Sanders & The William Ross Orchestra They Don't Make 'Em Like You Anymore, A Very Special Night, This Story Must Be Told, I Made This Movie Before, Yvonne, It's A Long Uphill Climb, A Toast For Huey, So Now I Have To Drink Alone, That One Special Someone, What Difference Does It Make, Old Friends, Dear Friends, I Love You And God Bless Doc/LT/MG & others
2008 Tower of Power Semi-Pro M/P Soundtrack - Audio (DVD) So Very Hard To Go EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2008 Nicki Richards Nicki Check Yourself EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2009 Dennis "Daddy-O" McMurrin They Call Me Daddy-O All Right, L.A. (TOP cuts: Rec. 1986, Re-Recorded. - 2009) EC/Doc/GA/LT/RE
2009 Tuppu Orrenmaa Make My Day Make My Day, Cape Fire, Take 15, Cowlick, Rhythm Alley Bros., Miss Bean EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP
2009 Sage 40th Anniversary 1969 – 2009 (EP) Make It Funky / Nobody Does It Like You / Take Me Back To The City Doc/MG/TP & Andy Winer
2010 Roger Smith Rosco's Place II No Lie / One Twenty / Let The Band Play / If You Want Me To Stay / Party Up EC/Doc/AA/MB/TP (1),AA/TP & Darius Babazadeh (2), AA/NS & Jon Skinner (3), MG/TP (4 & 5)
2010 Tommy James In Touch / Midnight Rider (Reissue-2 albums) Devil Gate Drive (Rec. 1976) EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2011 Eiko Shuri The Warner Years 1971 – 1979 (10 CD Box) Burning My Bridges Behind Me / I'm Not A Little Girl Anymore EC/Doc/GA/MG/LP
2011 Tony Adamo What Is Hip? What Is Hip / The Way You Do The Things You do / Mystery / This Time It's Real / Rhythm Of Your Love Doc (1 & 2), Doc/MG/SM (3), Doc/MG/TP (4), MG/SM (5)
2011 Bononia Sound Machine Funky Dreams Doin' It TOP Style / Saturday / No Matter / Place For Love EC (vocals) Doc (1), Doc (2), MG (3 & 4). All songs feature the Bononia Sound Machine Horn Section
2012 Frank Biner The Life and Times of Frank Biner I Gotta Run / Whatever Happened To Those Days / I'm A Midnight Mover / Clear & Lovely Day / Just As Long As We Have Each Other / I Got To Be Frank / Love Is Not A Toy / Girl Scoutin' / Turn Back The Hands Of Time / Loving You / You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous / Superstar Lady / I Believe In Love Doc/MG/RW, Earl Seymore & Vern Dodge
2012 Doc Kupka presents Doc Goes To Hollywood With the Lon Bronson All-Star Band Credit / How Could This Happen To Me / So Very Hard To Go Doc/TP/& the Lou Bronson Band Horn Section
2012 Llamada Final – Mexico Unidos Para Adorarle El Dia Del Senor, El Vino Del Espirtu EC/Doc/MG/AA/TP
2013 Eric Clapton Old Sock Your One And Only Doc/SC, Nick Lane & Joseph Sublett


EC = Emilio Castillo
Doc = Stephen Kupka
GA = Greg Adams
MG = Mic Gillette
SM = Skip Mesquite
LP = Lenny Pickett
KB = Ken Balzell
MR = Marc Russo
LT = Lee Thornburg
MR = Marc Russo
RW = Rick Waychesko
MC = Mike Chicowicz
RE = Richard Elliot
BF = Brandon Fields
SG = Steve Grove
TT = Tom Timko
DM = David Mann
BC = Bill Chuchville
AC = Al Chez
BD = Barry Danielian
JS = John Scarpulla
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NS = Norbert Stachel
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AA = Adolfo Acosta
MB = Mike Bogart
TP = Tom Politzer