Marc van Wageningen

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Holland, Marc started playing bass guitar at the age of 16.  He moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1980 and started playing with jazz greats Eddie Marshall, George Marshall, Larry Schneider and Mel Martin.  Over the years, Marc has had the opportunity to play with numerous musicians including:

Pete Escovedo, Mark Murphy, Francisco Aquabella, Keiko Matsui, Luis Conte, Cornelius Bumpus, George Duke, David Garibaldi, Stan Getz, Esther Phillips, Paul Winters, Diane Reeves, Andy Narell, Sheila E., Steve Halpern, Steve Erquiaga, Ray Obiedo, Second Sight, Rebecca Mauleon, Tom Grant, Tom Coster, Steve Smith, Mark Russo, Vince Welnick

    The Wayne Brady Show    Member of the House Band    2002-2004
    But Can They Sing    Member of the House Band    2005

    Tower of Power    U.S. – 2002
    Sheila E. and the E. Train    Japan & Europe – 1994-1996, 1998, 2001
    Ray Obiedo    U.S. – 1992-1993, 1995, 1999-2001
    Pete Escovedo    U.S., Europe & Japan – 1982 – Present
    RAD    Europe – 1999-2001
    Andy Narell    U.S. -1985
    Cornelius Bumpus    U.S. -1981-1982

Selected Discography:    
    Steve Winwood    Got to Get Back to my Baby
    Sheila E.    Sex Symbol
        Writes of Passage
    Tom Grant    Tune In
    David Garibaldi    Talking Drums: Tiempo
    Pete Escovedo    The Island
        Yesterday’s Memories Tomorrow’s Dreams
        Flying South
        E Street
    Ray Obiedo    Iguana
        Sticks and Stones
    Cornelius Bumpus    A Clear View
    Sher Music    The All-Jazz Real Book
    Linda Tillery    Secrets
    Teresa Trull & Barbara Higby    Unexpected
    Gregory James    Ananda

Sound Tracks:
    St. Anthony’s Promotional Documentary
    Geography for Kids Series: Mexico, China, and United States
    Oakland Fire Documentary
    Feature Length Film – Let Me Count the Ways