Lights Out San Francisco

1972 - 9 Songs


This double-album set is a true collectors' item. Record producer, Voco, and KSAN DJ, Dusty Street, released this compilation of Bay Area talent in 1972. You'll notice that the Tower of Power name is covered up (just to the left of Lydia Pense). That had to do with a minor dispute witn a Warner Brothers Records. The resolution was to cover the Tower of Power name before shipping to retailers.

There are three cuts that include the Tower line up; two originals and one Junior Walker tune. The first song, Mahdi (The Expected One) is a Greg Adams/Skip Mesquite composition which Adams reprised on his solo CD, Hidden Agenda, over twenty years later. The second, Cleo's Back, is a haunting Junior Walker song, composed by Willie Woods. The third, Loves To Do It, is from 'Doc' Kupka, Emilio Castillo and David Garibaldi. It features alternating vocals from Rick Stevens, Lydia Pense, Jo Baker and Linda Tillery plus Cold Blood's Raul Matute on organ.

The album photography and design were by Bruce Steinberg.