In the Slot

1975 - 12 Songs

1. Just Enough And Too Much
2. Treat Me Like Your Man
3. If I Play My Cards Right
4. As Surely As I Stand Here
5. Fanfare: Matanuska
6. On The Serious Side
7. Ebony Jam
8. You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous
9. Vuela Por Noche
10. Essence Of Innocence
11. The Soul Of A Child
12. Drop It In The Slot


Hubert Tubbs: lead vocals
Greg Adams: trumpet (solo in 'Vuela por noche'), fluegelhorn (solo in 'Ebony Jam'), strings arrangement and conduction
Emilio Castillo: 2nd tenor sax, background vocals, (co-lead on 'You're so wonderful, so marvelous')
Bruce Conte: guitar, background vocals
David Garibaldi: drums
Mic Gillette: trumpet, trombone, fluegelhorn, piccolo trumpet, bass trombone, background vocals
Stephen "Doc" Kupka: baritone sax
Lenny Pickett: 1st tenor sax, alto sax, soprano sax (all sax solos), piccolo flute, clarinet, contra-bass clarinet, lyricon
Francis Rocco Prestia: bass
Chester Thompson: organ, bass pedals, piano, clavinet, ARP ensemble, background vocals
Additional background vocals:
Bootche Anderson, Marylin Scott, Pepper Watkins, David Bartlett,
Ron Beck, Frank Biner and Roger Rifkind