East Bay Grease

1970 - 6 Songs


1. "Knock Yourself Out" - 7:08
2. "Social Lubrication" - 7:28
3. "The Price" - 6:09
4. "Back On The Streets Again" - 5:50
5. "The Skunk, The Goose, And The Fly" - 5:55
6. "Sparkling In The Sand" - 9:06


Rufus Miller: lead vocals (except Sparkling)
Emilio (Mimi) Castillo: alto sax,vocals,and extra greasy vocals on The Skunk
Dave Garibaldi: drums,vibes,background vocals
Greg Adams: first trumpet
Steve Kupka: "The Funky Doctor": baritone sax,background vocals
Skip Mesquite: tenor sax,flute,vocals
David Padron: second trumpet
Frank Prestia: bass
Rick Stevens: lead vocal on Sparkling in the Sand, background vocals
Willy Fulton: guitar,background vocals
Mic Gillette: trumpet, trombone, flugelhorn solo on Sparkling in the Sand
Ken Balzell: trumpet