Bump City

1972 - 9 Songs


1. "You Got To Funkifize" - 4:31
2. "What Happened to the World That Day?" - 4:11
3. "Flash in the Pan" - 3:34
4. "Gone (In Memory Of Jacqueline Mesquite)" - 3:41 (Adams, Mesquite)
5. "You Strike My Main Nerve" - 2:52 (Kupka, Castillo, Williams, Gordon)
6. "Down To The Nightclub" - 2:43 (Kupka, Castillo, Garibaldi)
7. "You're Still A Young Man" - 5:35
8. "Skating On Thin Ice" - 3:48
9. "Of The Earth" - 4:30


Rick Stevens - Lead Vocals
Skip Mesquite - 1st Tenor Sax, Flute, Vocals (Lead On "Gone")
Emilio Castillo - 2nd Tenor Sax, Vocals
Greg Adams - Trumpet, Flugelhorn (Solo On "Gone"), French Horn, Piano On "Gone"
Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - Bari Sax, Vocals
Mic Gillette - Trumpet, Trombone, French Horn, Vocals
Willie James Fulton - Guitar, Vocals
David Garibaldi - Drums
Francis Rocco Prestia - Bass
Brent Byars - Conga Drums, Vocals
Jay Spell- Piano (On "What Happened To The World That Day", "You're Still A Young Man", And "Of The Earth")
Memphis Strings (Arranged And Conducted By Greg Adams) on
"What Happened To The World That Day?", "You're Still A Young Man" and "Of The Earth"