1974 - 8 Songs

1. You're Still a Young Man
2. Down To The Nightclub
3. What Is Hip?
4. Soul Vaccination
5. So Very Hard To Go
6. Don't Change Horses (In the middle of a stream)
7. Oakland Stroke
8. Squib Cakes


Funkland was released as a Warner Special Product release in the Philippines in 1974. This release, on vinyl record only, is a 'greatest hits' compilation from Tower of Power's first three releases on Warner Brothers (Bump City, Tower of Power and Back To Oakland).

About the cover: The most interesting aspect of this cover is the history of its design. It was, in fact, the original design for Bump City. The final design decision for Bump City was to use the 'chicken fist', so this design was shelved. When the Funkland project came up, the design was revived, changing only the title.

The design is graphic wizardry of Bruce Steinberg. Bruce designed a majority of the Tower of Power album artwork and was kind enough to contribute scans of the artwork from his personal archives.

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