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David Garibaldi, 2012 Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame Inductee

We are pleased to announce the induction of David Garibaldi into the Percussive Art Society Hall Of Fame, Class of 2012.
Considered to be drumming's highest honor, David's induction into the Hall Of Fame took place on November 1st, 2012 during the Percussive Art Society's annual convention in Austin, Texas.
Other inductees for 2012 are John Bergamo, Hal Blaine, and Gordon Stout. Click here to read the complete news release: 2012 PAS Hall Of Fame Inductees

Here is a partial list of other members of the PAS Hall Of Fame:

Billy Cobham
Vic Firth
Steve Gadd
Louie Bellson
Ringo Starr
Ed Shaughnessy
Buddy Rich
Gene Krupa
Lionel Hampton
Jack DeJohnette
Gary Burton

Two PAS Hall Of Fame Members David would like to acknowledge specifically:
Murray Spivack - "One of my favorite teachers and a mentor. My time studying with him was one of the highlights in my music life."
Sandy Feldstein - "He gave me my first book deal. One of the smartest and most gifted educators I've ever known."

The PAS Hall Of Fame members are drummers and percussionists who are recognized not only for their extraordinary playing abilities, but also for educational contributions. David certainly has demonstrated all of these qualities over the years with his work with TOP and other artists and with his series of educational materials. With great pride, the entire Tower Of Power family extends our congratulations to David Garibaldi on this most deserved recognition.

The Percussive Arts Society is a music service organization promoting percussion education, research, performance and appreciation throughout the world.

The Percussive Arts Society Hall of Fame was established in 1972 and recognizes the contributions of the most highly regarded professional leaders in percussion performance, education, research, scholarship, administration, composition and the industry.

Nominees must have demonstrated the highest ideals and professional integrity to their profession. They must have brought about significant events, substantive improvements in the world of percussion, or contributed to the betterment of the profession through exemplary services or acts.

A nominee must have a record of sustained (though not necessarily continuous) contributions to the field and be supportive of the philosophy and objectives of the Percussive Arts Society. Posthumous nominees may be included.

Those who submit nominations must provide the following biographical data: date of birth; current address of the nominee or, if deceased, name and address of a surviving family member; a brief description of the nominee’s achievement(s) which qualify the nominee for entry to the PAS Hall of Fame; and a curriculum vitae or career history or the candidate will not be considered. Three letters of nomination for a Hall of Fame nominee will be selected by the PAS Executive Director and forwarded to the Nominating Committee.

The Hall of Fame Nominating Committee consists of the Past Presidents with the Immediate Past President serving as chair. The function of the Nominating Committee shall be to evaluate the nominees in accordance with the Criteria for Selection and forward a slate of only the most deserving candidates to the Board of Directors for final selection.

Final selection of the inductees will be made by the Board of Directors based on the documentation provided by the nominator and in accordance with the Criteria for Election. Candidates receiving a majority of votes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Those elected, living or deceased, are honored at the annual PASIC Hall of Fame Banquet.

Nominations will be accepted from any PAS member. Nominees need not be PAS members. Names of those nominated will be given consideration for 3 years from the date of their last letter of nomination.

Nominations must include the name and address of the nominator and be sent to the Executive Director, Hall of Fame, PAS, 110 W. Washington Street, Suite A, Indianapolis, IN 46204. The deadline for nominations is September 30 of each year.

Criteria for Election to the PAS Hall of Fame
All nominees will be judged according to the following criteria:

Contribution: Has the nominee made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of percussion?

Eminence: Have achievements in performance, education, research, scholarship, administration, composition or the industry distinguished the nominee from his or her contemporaries?

Influence: Has the nominee’s influence been of major significance to the profession even though contributions may have been confined largely to a single area of interest.

Permanence: Is it probable that the nominee’s accomplishments will continue to be valued by percussion professionals of the future?

Comments and Thank You's From DG:

I would also like to thank some other great people who (except for one, Vic Firth) are not in the PAS Hall of Fame, but are in my personal hall of fame. No one gets into a hall of fame without help, and I've had plenty along the way. These people have given me support and friendship and I'm forever indebted to them.

John and Marie Garibaldi - My parents, who encouraged me to follow my dreams.
Rick and Karen Garibaldi- My brother and his beautiful wife...without hesitation, they helped me when I was down. Their love and kindness made a big difference in the direction of my life. I could spend the rest of my life thanking them and it wouldn't be enough.
Emilio "Mimi" Castillo and the Tower of Power - without Mimi and the band, I'd have never found my voice.
Rocco Prestia - My musical soulmate.
James Campana and Anthony Caviglia - My high school music teachers who cared enough about me to encourage me to follow music as a profession.
Eddie Tinga - Eddie delivered the mail to my father's store, was a drummer and a great guy. He loaned me his drums when I was in high school and spent a lot of time encouraging me.
Sid Reis - Sid gave me my first paying gig with his big band when I was 17 yrs. old.
Gene Graves - My wonderfully enthusiastic college teacher who taught me about attitude and professionalism.
Chuck Brown - My first private teacher, who taught me the value of discipline.
Takashi Hagiwara, aka "Hagi" - The former head of Yamaha Drums Japan, who signed me to play Yamaha Drums internationally and is one of the coolest and most interesting people I know.
Joe Testa - I've known Joe and for many years and have worked with him on my books, then Yamaha Drums, and now at Vic Firth. He's the best.

Vic Firth (PASHOF member) - I've been playing Vic's drumsticks since 1972 - Vic, a great friend, makes the best drumsticks in the world. Being involved with his company is a dream come true.
Rob Wallis and Paul Siegel - They started the drum video trend in drum education and have produced most of my books and videos. Without them, I wouldn't be in the PASHOF.
Ron Spagnardi - The late founder of Modern Drummer Magazine, who allowed me to write articles for his publication for many years.
Bob Zildjian - Owner of Sabian Cymbals. One of the nicest people on the earth today and continues to support me with his wonderful instruments all around the world.
Cliff Castle - A&R Director of Audix Mics - A fabulous person...great gear...I wouldn't sound as good without their support.
Matt Connors - REMO Drum Heads - Matt, who's mamma is Italian, makes sure I have a supply of drum heads at all times...very appreciated.
Michael Spiro and Jesús Diaz - My bandmates in Talking Drums. Every time we play together I learn something.
"T" Moran - His real name is Tom. A great drummer, teacher and friend who has helped me a lot.
Peter Moutis - One of the brightest, most insightful and cool people I've ever met. There aren't enough words to thank him for his continued kindness toward me.
Dom Famularo - One of my dearest friends who continues to help me climb higher in this life.
Mike Howard - Every person needs a friend like him. Love you brother.

I think that covers it. I didn't think the list of folks to thank would be this long, but hey...I didn't do this by myself. I hope I didn't leave anyone out!

All The Best,

The NEW Tower Of Power Facebook Page…


Dear Tower Of Power Fans,

Due to a Facebook glitch, we have started a new Facebook Page:
Please visit the page for updates, photos, videos, band comments, and more.

Thank you!
Please Help Bruce Conte In His Battle With Leukemia

Former Tower Of Power Guitarist, Bruce Conte was diagnosed with Leukemia a few months ago. Bruce is also an insulin-dependant diabetic and has been dealing with health issues for years.
Here are a few words from Bruce:

Dear Friends,
Around the beginning of July I took some routine blood tests to check my diabetes and doctors discovered that I had abnormal white blood cell counts. I was hospitalized for 3 days in LA and had to undergo 2 bone marrow biopsies, an ultrasound of my liver and spleen and lots of blood tests. It was determined that I had leukemia. They put me on a medicine called Imatinib 400mg. I have been on it for about 6 weeks and can tolerate the side effects. It has sent my blood levels back to normal for the this period of time. The meds are very expensive but the good news is that I can stay alive as long as I continue taking them. I don't have health insurance because of being diabetic. I am starting to get some help from some of my friends to get me through these hard times. I appreciate any help given.

Thanks so much,

Bruce Conte

You can help by donating any amount. 100% of the money collected will go to Bruce's medical expenses. The medication he is on currently is very expensive. There is no generic available and his condition is responding very well to the medication. Thank you for reading this and please consider helping Bruce Conte.

Roger Smith’s Latest CD, “360”

Roger Smith's long awaited 'best of ' album takes a look back over the past ten-plus years and 7 albums. Featuring the talents of DAVE KOZ and Motown legends THE TEMPTATIONS, not to mention the inimitable horns from TOWER OF POWER, Roger Smith - 360 spans from funky #1 hit "Off The Hook" to the rich jazz ballad "Rachael's Dream", to the upbeat and energetic Brazilian party of "Fiesta" and finishes with a soul-stirring gospel anthem "Put Your Faith In Me", penned by Ben Sidran and Ricky Peterson.

Roger Smith – 360 on I-Tunes: Roger Smith 260 On ITunes

Roger was invited to contribute to several tracks on the Dave Matthews Band's new album Away From The World, set to drop September 11, 2012. As featured performer with the DMB in recent weeks, Roger Smith's sound has found a whole new market and audience. What a perfect time to coincide with the release of Roger's new album.

Check out Roger Smith as guest performer with the Dave Matthews Band on YouTube

For more information, please contact Bob Williard by phone (510) 893-4705, or by e-mail at

Happy Birthday To Tower Of Power!  44 Years TODAY!

Front Row: David Garibaldi, Adolfo Acosta, Rocco Prestia, Jerry Cortez, Emilio Castillo,
Back Row: Sal Cracchiolo, Tom Politzer, Doc Kupka, Roger Smith, Larry Braggs

44 years ago tonight, Doc played his first gig with TOP and as the band recalls when a certain young lady screamed out when Doc hit one of his signature baritone sax "scoops" Tower Of Power became a sensation, and they have never looked back. There have been many changes over the past 44 years, but the particular flavor of East Bay Soul Music that IS Tower Of Power has remained constant, and the TOP faithful are grateful for that.

The members of TOP always acknowledge that they have the greatest fans in the world. Without your fans, what would you have?

TOP is fortunate to have some of the most hardcore fans of any band out there, and have forged relationships with many of them all over the world. From "The Most Serious", Ray and Dave in the east, to Jack Silva in Boston, to Burchie in the midwest, to the legions of faithful in California, Lorenzo and the BSM Crew in Italy, many others in Europe and Japan, Raymond and Denise in Canada, and SO many others, tonight we zero in on Mr. Alan Phillips of the New York Metro area, owner of "The Jacket".

We met with Alan one more time at BB King's earlier this year and the guys renewed some of the signatures on "The Jacket" and Alan got a few new ones. Seems fitting to celebrate this occasion with some photos and a story from one of TOP's most ardent fans;

“This jacket has been around since the mid 70's, it was painted by a dear friend.
It has been in the company of many many good friends and family throughout the years. It has been present at many memorable “extremely funky” Tower of Power shows at spectacular venues from My Fathers Place all the way to BB Kings. Along the way it has also been in the company of many members of the band who were gracious enough to sign it at the bar or bring me back stage at The Bottom Line for some others of the band to see. New members had been intrigued to see their predecessors whose footsteps they followed in. I had posted it to the TOP web site where it got recognition from several fans & the administrator. Now I have been invited to accompany IT to be signed by the band when TOP plays NYC this spring. If all goes as expected everyone from TOP will embellish it with autographs simultaneously in my presence. It’s a good thing that I had outgrown it as it wouldn’t have sustained the years of proud wear it would have endured.”

Thanks again,


Here's two more vintage photos from Alan's collection:

Tower’s 40th Anniversary Show To Air Nationally on AXS TV On 8/5


Legendary Soul Band Tower of Power Delivers a “Souled Out” Performance Celebrating their 40th Anniversary

LOS ANGELES (July 25, 2012) – AXS TV will premiere Tower of Power’s 40th Anniversary Concert on Sunday, August 5, 2012 as part of the network’s on-going commitment to concert and live music programming. The band’s performance, which was filmed at the prestigious Fillmore Theater in San Francisco, provides an intimate live look at the iconic band which has spawned such hits as “You’re Still A Young Man,” and “What Is Hip?”

For more than 40 years, the legends of soul, Tower of Power, have delivered their own brand of funky rhythms and driving grooves to fans across the world. With a soaring horn section, soulful vocals and inarguably one of the tightest rhythm sections in the business, the funk-soul outfit is renowned as a must-see act. Combining R&B classics with jazzy hits, Tower of Power performs a spectacular concert for intergenerational music lovers. More than three decades ago the group dropped the hit “What is Hip?” And today, they still have the answer.

They deliver their funky sound to a “souled-out” crowd in this can’t-miss, mesmerizing, soul-stirring concert. According to Emilio Castillo, founder of the band who plays second tenor sax, assists on lead vocals, and writes and produces most of the band’s songs, the opportunity for the band’s performance to appear on AXS TV is “huge!”

In addition, viewers will witness performances by such guest artists as Sam Moore (Sam & Dave), plus dozens of former TOP "Alumni" such as former TOP band members Chester Thompson (Santana), Greg Adams, Richard Elliot, Mic Gillette as well as Lenny Pickett, musical director for "Saturday Night Live" who appear onstage with the TOP musicians, adding their own flavor to the memorable hits.

The band, who stays on the touring circuit, recently shared the stage with the Dave Matthews Band, which was heralded by one critic as "one of the best live performance ever witnessed" and is in the midst of recording music for a new CD. Through social media platforms Tower of Power’s fans will be able to win autographed prizes from the band and stay up to date, front row center in the days leading up to the premiere of the concert.

Tower of Power: 40th Anniversary Concert at the Fillmore, SF
Broadcast Premiere exclusively on AXS TV.
Sunday, August 5 at 8pmET/5pmPT

Visit Tower of Power on the web at the following links:

For more information on AXS TV concert events, please visit, on Facebook at or on twitter

Tower of Power Contact: AXS TV Contact:
Cynthia Horner, Cinnamon CHIPS Media and Public Relations Samantha Birnbach or
732 202-8246
NEW VIDEO, “On The Road With Tower Of Power”: TOP @ Avila Beach, CA

TOP @ The Greek Theater, LA

TOP @ Palm Springs, CA

TOP @ Stockton, CA

Fascinating Tour Of Rainbow Records With Billy Box

Latest Interview With Rocco

Rocco discusses his origins with Tower Of Power, influences, new music and much more...

Click Here to View The Latest Interview With Rocco Prestia:

Jon Liebman's Interview With Rocco
European Tour Dates and Venues Announced



Thursday 21st June, - With 43 years of recording and touring experience behind them, Tower of Power today announce their return to the European live circuit with a tour hitting Europe in November 2012. Tower of Power will begin their jaunt in Stockholm on Friday 2nd November and will finish up on Sunday 18th November in London, ticket details below.

The group still garners rave reviews, and leaves the audiences dancing in their seats in the arenas, theatres, and outdoor venues they play year 'round. Melding soul, jazz, funk, and rock in a way no group ever has, the ten-piece outfit is, according to the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, “tighter than a clenched fist.”

The late great James Brown was quoted in HEEB magazine about Tower of Power, as saying, "There's no black group that plays my stuff as good as them."

Chuck Ross American Promoter said after seeing Tower of Power at the Tampa Bay Blues Festival “It was absolutely phenomenal. One of the best live performances I have seen in my life!”

Well known in the '70s for tunes such as “What is Hip?” and “You're Still a Young Man,” Tower of Power toured with Santana, Sly Stone and Credence Clearwater Revival, eventually creating traffic jams when they headlined their own shows. They performed on records with Elton John, Smokey Robinson, Rod Stewart, Aerosmith, and Dionne Warwick, influencing a generation of musicians (including Sting, who has told Emilio Castillo, founder of the group, that he once had a “Tower of Power clone band” before he formed The Police). In the 1980s, they backed Huey Lewis and the News, Heart, Eurythmics, and Little Feat, just to name a few.

Tower of Power, after 40 years, is experiencing more popularity than ever before as they tour year 'round packing venues in the United States, the Pacific Rim, and all over Europe.

Former Tower saxophonist Lenny Pickett, current musical director for the Saturday Night Live band, said, “TOP is the world's best rhythm and blues band.” In reality, TOP's horn-driven, in-your-face sound is all its own.

Emilio Castillo - Bandleader, 2nd tenor sax, vocals
Stephen "Doc" Kupka - Baritone sax
Rocco Prestia - Bass
David Garibaldi - Drums
Larry Braggs - Lead vocalist
Roger Smith - Keyboards
Tom Politzer - Lead tenor sax
Adolfo Acosta - Trumpet
Jerry Cortez - Guitar
Sal Cracchiolo - Trumpet & trombone



Tickets are on sale now (subject to booking fee) and can be booked through the websites above, please check for varying ticket prices.

For more info on TOP contact;
Steve Guest at Guesty PR +447973853279