Direct Plus

Direct Plus
1997 - 10 Songs

1. Fanfare/You Know It
2. You're Gonna Need Me
3. Squibcakes
4. That's Why I Sing
5. What Is Hip
6. Never Let Go Of Love
7. Fanfare/You Know It
8. Squibcakes
9. That's Why I Sing
10. What Is Hip

Michael Jeffries - Lead Vocals
Lenny Pickett - Saxophones (Solo On "Squib Cakes", "Never Let Go Of Love")
Emilio Castillo - Tenor Saxophone
Stephen 'Doc' Kupka - Bari Sax
Greg Adams - Trumpet (Solo On "What Is Hip?"), Flugelhorn (Solo On "Squib Cakes")
Mic Gillette - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Trombone
Rick Waychesko - Trumpet
Willy Fulton - Guitar, Lead Vocal On "You're Gonna Need Me"
Mark Sanders - Drums
Vito San Filippo - Bass
Chester Thompson - Keyboards
Victor Feldman - Percussion
Guest Singers - James Gilstrap, Edie Lehmann, Oren Waters

Originally recorded on LP in 1981, this CD has been remastered to include extraordinary performances never before released. The PLUS! additions are not new mixes, but completely different performances both from the musicians standpoint and the engineering perspective. The excitement of Direct to Disc recording has created an energy level hard to attain in a normal studio environment. These performances speak for themselves.

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